what does the term comparator sourcing mean!
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Comparator sourcing is concerned with searching for manufacturers who are willing to provide drugs for a clinical trial. The reason for this is that not many pharmaceuticals are willing to give their products freely. In comparator sourcing, drugs are picked from different competing manufacturers so as to compare their efficacy. As such, a number of companies have the fear of losing out to their competitors during clinical drug trials. Many would not want to contemplate the losses they would get when their drugs are superseded by those from competitors.

Yet comparator sourcing is an essential of drug development as it ensures boundaries are pushed for improved patient care. Yet companies find it hard to support clinical drug trials for being caught up in the medical advancement/profit maximization dilemma. Thus comparator sourcing must overcome political and supply chain challenges for there to be successful clinical drug trials.

It doesn’t, however, mean that comparator sourcing is done directly from the manufacturer. If you are looking to carry out clinical drug trials, you could get your supplies from an approved supplier. You might also want to do it through the wholesale market. Client Pharma CTS understands the intricacies involved in this so well. Why don’t you talk to them?

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